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Adendo is bringing together experts in the sign and print industry with those in need of advice, training, and support. eCourses provide a self-learning environment that will help you widen your expertise on a variety of subjects and improve your business productivity. Our communities will allow members to discuss issues and help each other while also getting access to exclusive discounts, webinars, downloads, and videos not available to the general public.

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Choose your course topic to sign up or get more information. Consider joining the Flexi User Community. Community member receive a 50% discount on all eCourses.

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Why eCourses & a Flexi Community?

eCourses are the perfect way to learn about a variety of topics from leading industry experts. Sign up now and learn at your own pace when it's most convenient. The PRIVATE Flexi Community is a safe place to get help from other serious users as well as Flexi experts and mentors.

  • Join the exclusive Flexi Community for help, videos, webinars, downloads, training course discounts and much more!

  • Select eCourses from industry experts on a variety of topics including software, hardware , and special applications

  • Choose a specific topic you want to learn or save money by bundling several topics together

Additional Adendo Services

Get the help you need, when you need it, from industry experts

  • eCourses & Comminities

    Learn at your own pace using our eCourses instructed by market experts. There are many hours of video training that thoroughly explain how to use SAi software. Join a PRIVATE community of users where you can get help from other users, mentors and have access to exclusive member only webinars, videos and downloads.

  • Virtual Training

    Virtual Training is a great (and inexpensive) way to learn more about your favorite software programs, special applications, and become more productive and profitable in your business. Sign up for 1/2, 1, 2, or 3 hours with your favorite adendo Advisor today. Training is down via Zoom or TeamViewer when it's most convenient.
  • On-Site Training

    On-Site Training is for learning new software programs, setting up new hardware, and training new employees right in your shop. An Adendo Advisor will arrange to travel to your shop for whatever number of days you require.