Course curriculum

    1. How to Use the 2-Minute Flexi Tips Course

    1. Using DesignEditor and Layers

    2. Using Blending Modes for Better Color

    3. EditWith in Flexi Production Manager

    4. Adding Transparency & Contour Cuts Right from Production Manager

    1. Changing the Color of a Contour or Perf Cut

    2. Photoshop AI (beta) and Flexi

    3. Customizing Workspaces & Shortcut Keys

    4. What Causes Banding & How Do You Fix it?

    1. Distortion Tip - Arcing Lettering

    2. Resize a Photo to Life Size - Design at Full Scale

    1. One Cool Adobe Plugin

    2. Seasonal Swatch Tables for Flexi

    1. Create and Use Custom Borders in Flexi

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