Course curriculum

    1. How to use this course

    2. Adendo is here to help

    1. How Flexi and Production Manager Differ from Other Design Software

    2. Using Other Design Software with Flexi & Production Manager

    3. Take a Quick Tour Before We Get Started to Become Familiar with Flexi

    1. What is SAi Connect?

    1. Preferences

    2. The Concept of Objects

    3. Essential Menus- DesignCentral, Fill/Stroke Editor, DesignEditor

    4. Right Click and SelectWithin

    5. Working with Vectors & Bitmaps

    6. Vectorizing Bitmaps

    7. Setup and Use Soft Proofing

    8. Contour Cutting Essentials

    9. Printing Essentials

    1. Setting Up a Printer or Cutter

    2. Printer Output Options in Production Manager

    3. Creating & Using Presets

    4. Adding Files from Other Software

About this course

  • $47.00
  • 19 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content
  • This course is great for anyone using Flexi from version 12 to v22!
  • Many of the principles taught apply to just about any version of Flexi !We will be using Flexi 22, so you'll get to see those features as well!
  • Great for new as well as advanced users!

About Your Instructor

Mark Rugen

Senior Instuctor

Mark has over 35 years experience in the sign and print markets. He is the worlds expert in Flexi but is also well versed in Adobe, Color Management, Printer hardware and more. His goals are always to teach complex ideas in a simple to understand fashion. He has owned and operated 2 sign shops and uses his day to day experience in showing design and print application in the light of real world application.

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