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    1. Take a Quick Tour Before We Get Started to Become Familiar with FlexiDESIGNER VERSAStudio Edition

    2. QUIZ: The FlexiDESIGNER Interface

    3. QUIZ: The Purpose of FlexiDESIGNER VERSAStidio Edition

    4. Changing Units in Flexi

    5. Preferences & Customizing FlexiDESIGNER

    6. QUIZ: Customizing FlexiDESIGNER

    7. QUIZ: Workspaces

    1. The Concept of Objects

    2. QUIZ: The Concept of Objects

    3. Right Click and SelectWithin

    4. Essential Menus- DesignCentral, Fill/Stroke Editor, DesignEditor

    5. QUIZ: DesignCentral

    6. Working with Color Swatches

    7. Working with Vectors & Bitmaps

    8. Vectorizing Bitmaps

    9. QUIZ: Vectorizing

    10. Editing Vector Paths

    11. Text and Lettering

    12. Contour Cutting Essentials

    13. QUIZ: Contour Cutting

    1. How to send your job to your printer

    1. Other eCourses for Roland & Flexi Users

    2. Adendo Can Help - Communities, Downloads, Webinars and More!

About this course

  • $2.00 / month with 2 month free trial
  • 25 lessons
  • 2.5 hours of video content
  • This course is focused on the essential features and option in the FlexiDESIGNER VERSAstudio edition.
  • This short course is designed to get you started as fast as possible in using the FlexiDESIGNER VERSA Studio Editon to create your projects and then print them on your Roland printer. Follow our learning process and get familiar with your system.

About Your Instructor

Mark Rugen

Senior Instuctor

Mark has over 35 years experience in the sign and print markets. He is the worlds expert in Flexi but is also well versed in Adobe, Color Management, Printer hardware and more. His goals are always to teach complex ideas in a simple to understand fashion. He has owned and operated 2 sign shops and uses his day to day experience in showing design and print application in the light of real world application.